Early this spring I got the chance to stay at the most charming boutique hotel in Duluth, Minnesota. It was March so the snow can be a bit miserable that time of year in Minnesota, but Hotel Pikku has the most inviting qualities. I learned that ‘pikku’ is Finnish for ‘small,’ which to me felt representative of the cozy and communal vibe that sung through the walls of the tiny hotel. Walking through the doors you’re greeted with the most calming colors and simple earthy aesthetics. There’s an adorable leather bound guest book that I was eager to make my mark in that was hand crafted by the local Duluth shop, Hemlock Leatherworks. I loved all the special touches the owners add in – everything local from the coffee, to the artwork displayed throughout, it has a really sweet atmosphere. 

I met Chelsey, the wife of the husband/wife duo that owns and runs this hotel, and she had such a warm energy. The charm of Hotel Pikku was truly solidified for me when getting to chat with the owner of the spectacular little joint.