What to Wear to your Engagement Photos


Here are a couple of tips I like to tell my couples as they are prepping for their engagement session. I hope you find it useful!

 1. Stick to two outfits:

Two outfits is what I recommend. Go for one fun, comfy look that you can run around in for those really candid shots and pick out one lavish, cocktail hour look for some elegant and classy shots. Ladies consider heels for your cocktail hour outfit. Sticking with just two will ensures that you don’t spend your whole session changing. 


2. be YOURself:

Go for your timeless look. Pick outfits that are authentically you. Looks that you know you feel good in, rather then something trendy so when you look back on these photos you will be happy with yourself.  Also the more comfortable you feel, the better the photos will turn out. 


3. Complimenting each other, but no matchy matchy:

Complimenting your man is one thing! But matching outfits and patterns are not what we are looking for here. Be sure to choose your outfits ahead of time and try them on together to make sure its not clashing. Pick solid colors or simple patterns and, try to stay away from anything too neon, distracting, or busy.  I will always encourage warm tones or pastels, because they photograph well. 


4. Pick your palette: 

Your engagements photos are meant to be the fun precursor to your wedding photos, you will use these for save the dates, programs, or even invitations so use this session to set the tone. Flatter the mood for your wedding. Ladies, consider getting your hair and makeup done, this is a good way to test out wedding day makeup before the big day. 


5. Details, details, details:

It could be your pet, western hats, stylish scarfs, chunky blankets, cups with your initials on them, hiking boots, balloons i’m all about a good prop. Whatever it is, let’s do it. Themes will help you guys connect during your session, and can help greatly in telling your unique story. 

stay creating,