kelsey + connor | lakefront wedding at pier b resort duluth


kelsey’s girls wore dusty blue, her flowers were a crisp white with a hint of green, mists of fresh eucalyptus kissed the air, and light sounds of waves crashing on the shore. pier B resort, deeply-rooted in duluth’s shipping community, was the location where a true love story, that started at the age of 16, turned into a lifelong commitment of love.

kelsey and I have known each other for years before she asked me to be her photographer. knowing her so well, I was honored to be a part of her big day. after meeting connor, i could not think of a better person to pair with her. kelseys mom said it best, “opposites attract”. these two are opposites in a few ways but much more alike in others, balancing each other out like peanut butter and jelly. I believe a little contrast to be grounding and an important recipe for growth in a relationship. 

when they met, he was the cute boy working at the local gas station, and she was the caring girl that always stopped in to say hi. connor developed a “slight” crush as he says, but it wasn't till they went fishing on their first date that he fell in love with kels. they have been together since 2012 and it came as no surprise when people received the invitation for this gathering. 

there's something about knowing my clients so personally that just makes the experience of it all so much more meaningful. I love watching friends grow and blossom and take their big steps in life. I had a blast being a part of this wedding and catching up with friends from the past to see where everyone is at now. I would do it all again tomorrow. 

I wish nothing but love for these two.

Brooke HubertyComment