tha botanical studio | pick flowers not fights


Raven Hill is a special lady. a special lady who loves plants. as someone who ‘grew up with a natural sensitivity and appreciation for nature,’ her innate creative talents landed her straight into running her own floral business. this rad gal runs her business out of both Atlanta and Phoenix, even though they serve worldwide. one day when she was in town for a styled shoot, her photographer bailed…cue my entrance.


a friend of mine, Shea Brie Photography, reached out to me on a random Thursday to see if I would be interested in shooting a brand shoot for Ravin. myself and my colleague Rachel Smak were on the highway heading back from a wedding we just shot together when I got the call. weddings work days can be reeeeaaally exhausting , but we fought the urge to go sit on our couches and said yes to this new opportunity. we made our way to the most g o r g e o u s Paradise Valley home i’ve ever seen. we had absolutely no idea what we were in for, typically, i am not unprepared for a shoot. 


we were greeted by the model, Anna Curtis, who welcomed us into her home-turned-studio-for-the-day, and threw ourselves straight into it. Anna was so cute and stylish, it wasn’t all that difficult to get her prepped for the shoot. they had set up the most adorable scene with a perfectly detailed peacock chair. Ravin’s work is so unique and out of the box; seeing her floral designs work so fluidly with the chair, the house, the model… this kind of design is a level up from other floral designers I’ve met. it was an art piece; so thoughtful, interesting, and unique. 


since that day we have stayed in touch with the talented Ravin, and have discussed organizing another styled shoot in the future. plus, it doesn’t hurt having a new florist to recommend to brides and a like! that day was so serendipitous and Rachel and i were stoked that we had chosen a random shoot vs our couches. it was an opportunity to meet new people who i’m so happy to have in my network, build my portfolio with different kinds of work, and inspire new potential ideas. so answer your phones, read your DMs, reply to emails…you never know what your next ‘yes’ could lead to.

xoxo brookklyn