I was featured on a Podcast! Hear my Episode.


About a month ago I got an email from Brittany and Jose from the Finding Arizona podcast asking me if I would be a guest speaker on their show. They were working on a series about photographers and spotlighting people from around the valley. Brittany found me on Honeybook - shoutout Honeybook for the connection and I was honored to accept the invitation. I was, of course, nervous at first and to be honest I  goofed up my words a few times. Like miss spelling Rachel Smak's name, and calling myself the co-founder of my own business. LOL. But overall the experience was something that I got to check off my bucket-list and I can honestly say Jose, Brittany, and their two kittys made me feel really comfortable during the whole conversation.


Before we sat down in front of the mic, I did a photoshoot for them in downtown PHX. They gave me full freedom and creative direction and we ended up getting really awesome shots that spoke to their fun personalities. Collaborating with Brittany and Jose was a blast. They are a serious power couple, I love what their doing for the community and if you have not checked out their podcast yet you are missing out. Go listen!


Website: www.findingarizonapodcast.com
Instagram: Finding Arizona Podcast
Listen to my episode by clicking play below