Kellie + Nick | Duluth, MN


This wedding was special. It was special because I grew up alongside this beautiful couple—I walked the same high school hallways that they first fell in love in. I know and love both of their families dearly. But most importantly, it was special because Kellie and Nick have a really, really special type of love.

They were high school sweethearts. But it took about ten years, a couple of them spent apart, for them to reach this monumental day. When you watch them interact, you can tell that they’ve been together for a long time. They have greatly surpassed the blind love that many couples feel in the “honeymoon phase” and have now reached the point where they know everything about each other—the good, the bad, the weird, even the awkward high school stages—yet they choose each other. This holistic understanding of one another manifests so beautifully in how they interact, their actions scream, “I know all of your quirks, I have accepted them, and I love them because I love you.

This unique and complete knowing of one another is weaved throughout the entirety of their big day. As any bride would be, on the morning of her wedding, Kellie seemed a little bit anxious. But once the couple had their first look, and she saw Nick, every drop of stress or worry that had previously consumed her immediately disappeared. I’m not kidding; it was like there was a switch inside of her that only Nick could flip. If it wasn’t crystal clear before, it was now glaringly obvious that Kellie and Nick complement each other perfectly. While both are wonderful individually, the presence of the other naturally inspires them to be the best version of themself.

And being in the presence of Kellie and Nick on their wedding day naturally inspired everyone there to be the best, most joyful version of themselves. Nick and Kellie were relaxed and just genuinely wanted to have a good time with the people they love the most, and that is exactly what happened.

Kellie and Nick, I cannot get over how wonderful your wedding was. Can I say  just say "YASSS, - The stunning wooded backdrop, the unique champagne toast during your ceremony, the simple sparkling lights, the awesome party of a reception, and most importantly, you two. Your love is what made this day so unbelievably special, and I have no doubt that your love will continue to make your lives special for all the years to come.

Officiant - Riley Brooks
Tent Rentals - London Road Rentals
Keyboard - Mat Holter
Decorator - Northland Events
Vocals - Jill Kratt
Catering - Blackwoods
Photographer - Brookklyn Photo
Cabins - Hi-Banks Resort
Venue - Island Lake Campground


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