In Home Session | Hannah Cloutier + Alex Oachs


Ive been friends with these two love birds for a very long time and my hearts melting at the fact that I finally get to watch them get married. I witnessed them date all throughout high school & I can for sure say that Alex still looks at Hannah in the same sweet way that he did when he was falling for her at age 16. Now they are engaged, just bought a house, and planning a wedding with their two fur balls by their side,

Last time I was up in Duluth I told Hannah that I was coming over and were going to do some relaxed engagement photos & hangout.  I went over to their place, we decided on doing thing a little different. It was a chilly Sunday in Duluth so we chose to stay cozy inside. I photographed them, sipping coffee, dancing in their living room, listened to records, playing with their adorable pets Hudson and Lu, & just being together. Something about it felt so natural photographing them in their home.

Im thrilled for you guys. You are perfect for each other. I wish you both all the love on your journey and feel absolutely honored to be the one to capture these special days in your lives. Thanks for letting me into your beautiful world.

Stay Creating,

couplesBrooke Huberty