honeybook | a tool turned treasure


every night when my head hits the pillow, i’m surprised by how wild and busy the day had been. and yet the next day when i wake up, it seems to be busier than the last! just over a year and a half ago, i stumbled upon a tool that has allowed me rest a little easier. i truly don’t want this to sound in-genuine because honeybook has been such a spectacular help in my life. i’ve been so blessed the past few years and as my business has grown i quickly realized i was going to need some new tools.


i’m a stubborn gal who really thought that i could do it a l l on my own – which I can – but it doesn’t hurt to have some help. hands down the best investment i have ever made, this software assists me with every aspect of my business. from project management to billing to scheduling, i feel like the badass, empowered entrepreneur i’ve always aspired to be. with all the engagements, weddings, styled shoots and branding there are not enough hours in the day be sending out all my emails, organizing my invoices, and scheduling more bookings. also since i’m movin’ and groovin’ all over the valley at all times, they have a mobile app where you can access everything on the go. not only that, but as some of you may know, i recently got an assistant (yay!) and honeybook gives her the ability to access all my projects and schedules. that way we can both stay in the loop and keep brookklyn photo running smoothly.


it’s not just an an administrative help folks, i have been so lucky to meet the raddest people through honeybook. because of honeybook, i have gotten to shoot with some truly spectacular peeps all over the country. i got to shoot with Jodee Debes when she came to Phoenix, a prominent San Francisco engagement/wedding photographer who travels all over the world doing what she does. not only have i had the pleasure of meeting and working with her, but makeup artists, hair stylists, florists, you name it! when i first moved to arizona, i was desperately seeking a community and somehow my profile was viewed by the people behind the podcast Finding Arizona. they contacted me about doing an episode on me and it helped jumpstart my life here. i mean, what kismet. i’ve learned that using honeybook is about limiting our time spent at a desk so that we can spend more time on people and experiences.


i actually, truly believe in this product – this isn’t just some sponsored post, i use honeybook every single day. discovering this software changed the way i thought about my business and continues to aid me in achieving more and more, which is why i’m so stoked to be able to offer a 50% off discount to anyone interested in trying it out.


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