Emma + Kyler | Pepin, WI


Emma and Kyler... oh boy where do I start. You two mean so much to me. This is going to be a hard one to write. Emma my darling you were just gorgeous. You were radiating with happiness and love everyone on your wedding day and we all felt it. At the same time you were the most laid back bride ive ever had. Your ability to just live in the moment was beautifuk to watch. Don't get me wrong, emma we all know you put in the hours during the planning stages but when it came to letting go and trusting in your team on the day off, youdid. Kyler I know I tortured you with pictures but you stuck with me and for that is thanks enough. I felt like you as well were so laid back and calm throughout the whole day.  You and emma are such a team and i truly believe this is why you guys had such a seamless day. I applaud you guys for being able to do that. Confession time... I cried at your wedding ceremony and I promise that is rare for me. Emma when you came down that aisle and you locked eyes with Kyler for the first time, your face flooded with happiness, and dang it I could not help myself. Also the detail of Kyler buying you PB pretzels all the time the first summer you met just because he knew you liked them. You guys are too sweet. It was so meaningful to be there not only as your friend but your photographer. I am so happy. My heart is full for you. Your love story is one of the good ones. I cant wait to follow your love story thru the years.

VENDORS // Photographer: Brookklyn Photo // Ceremony venue & Reception venue : Hidden Meadow and Barn // Videographer:  Hunter Bjork and Jordan Duffy // Officiant: Kevin Festerling // Hair stylist: Jennah Schliem // Makeup artist: Jennah Schliem and Ali Robertson // Caterer: Community Crust // Decorator: Grandma and Mom // Florist: Grandma and Mom  // Dress shop/designer: Made by family friend, Jill Gaskell // Tuxedos: Bought at Kohls, amazon, and the Tie Bar lol // DJ/Band/musicians: Spotify playlist // Stationer: Me and a friend Abby Williams drew our invitations // Jeweler: Wixon, Etsy, and Kay Outlet