Emma + Kyler | Anoka, MN


I love a good romantic love story and if you do too, I would stick around for this one. Emma & Kyler met three summers ago while they were teaching summer school together in Milwaukee. They quickly became best friends on staff and continuously bonded throughout the summer over their passion for teaching kids. Kyler would have his students deliver love notes to Emma almost everyday (what a sweetheart, right?). By the end of the summer everyone had caught on (except Emma). The students were calling her "Mrs. Berg" and telling her she had to give "Mr. Berg" a chance. But it wasn't until after summer school that Emma finally realized that her and Kyler had the potential to be much more than "just friends." Now, after two and a half years of long distance, and one semester spent in different counties - their relationship is still thriving. Im convinced that if these two lovebirds can make it through all of that, they can make it through anything.  


Emma is the type of girl who notices all the beautiful moments in life, even the small things. When deciding how to propose, Kyler knew exactly what to do to make it sentimental and beautiful in a way that Emma would appreciate the most. He traveled all the way from Wisconsin to meet her in Minneapolis and go on a spontaneous date (something they don't normally do). It began to feel less spontaneous when Kyler told Emma they were going to the Wilde Roaste Cafe. This cafe was special. Years before, they had ate there together, walked to the Stone Arch Bridge, and Emma confessed her love to Kyler for first time. As you might have guessed, this "spontaneous" date was actually coordinated perfectly by Kyler for them relive that date just as they had years before. Except this time when they walked to the bridge, Kyler got down on one knee, and asked if she would “grow old with me”. Im dying.


Looking ahead to next summer, Kyler and Emma want their wedding to have a casual-vibe and be people-centered, intentionally including everyone they love. One of Emma's close family friends is making her wedding dress. And their summer school principal from the summer they first met is officiating their wedding. I'm already excited! For their wedding and life together. With Emma’s big heart and compassion, there is no doubt that she will be the best wife out there. Kyler you are a lucky guy!