haylee + conner | elegant warehouse wedding


the day had finally arrived. Haylee Coutier, the last of the Coutier sisters, was getting married. and to a killer cool guy, i might add.

every couple has their challenges, but with Haylee working nights and Conner working days, the past few years have tried their relationship in new ways. especially whilst planning a wedding. it sounds as if it was no trouble for these two however. in addition to their regular nights in making dinner together, Haylee told me Conner (she calls him Con) surprises her all the time with random trips or nights out. she says there’s never a dull moment with him, and i believe it! i’ve always known them to be a fun and spicy couple.

let’s skip ahead now..to the juicy stuff. i’m talkin’ moody colors, an unreal venue, tearY-eyed vows and surprise announcements.

ok so the venue. when i say unreal i feel like you aren’t really getting it. i mean this perfectly imperfect, charming warehouse style venue was so stunning - i’ve seriously considered getting buried there, to live out the rest of eternity. am i a little dramatic?? maybe. i was first struck by these tall windows that melded gracefully with the urban vibes of the exposed brick and industrial details. then the dark and warm colors contrasted with the cool tones of lake superior just nearby made for a heart-melting backdrop. u n r e a l. and it certainly made my job easier – photographing a gorgeous couple is already pretty straightforward, but put them in a setting such as this…let’s just say it’s hard to take a bad photo.

continuing with the ~moody~ theme; ya’ll minnesotans should check out Flora North. this plant boutique in Duluth curated such dazzling floral displays. the designs were some of the more original i had seen at a wedding before. from the bride’s bouquet to the table settings, everything was fabulously coordinated to the dark and rich color scheme Haylee had planned out.

i could ramble on about the venue and décor for hours but let me tell you what the real showstopper was. Haylee. Haylee in the most superb and immaculate ensemble. i don’t know how the Cloutier sisters do it. they all manage to find the look that embodies their personalities in the most serendipitous way. Haylee wore a shapely pearl-toned silk skirt, contrasted with a black lace v-neck on top. the lace top was simultaneously so settled and so bold- i loved that she mixed modern with classic. she looked fully, her.

everyone who attended this wedding would agree that Haylee was the showstopper. most of all, Conner. looking extraordinarily dapper himself, Conner waited in front of lake superior for his first looks with his soon-to-be life partner. back to back they the read letters they had written one another before turning around to lay eyes on their loves. Conner was so adorable, clearly stunned by Haylee.

from that moment on the wedding seemed to whiz by. it was truly such a seamless wedding. the ceremony was gorgeous and they included one of my favorite details: custom vows. the reception was laid-back and glorious, while the guests chuckled at the sister’s rhyming speech that had been a crowd-pleaser at the previous three Cloutier weddings. what the crowd wasn’t expecting, however, was Kara (the second youngest sister) announcing that she’s pregnant!! what a wild and happy day.

this sophisticated and elegant dream of an event eventually had to come to an end, but i was so happy to not only be involved but to be surrounded by friends. it’s just that much more special when i’m around friendly smiley faces who’s paths i’ve been lucky enough to cross with more than once.

Haylee and Conner, i know you will live harmoniously together with your puppers for many many years, thank you for inviting me to witness and document this moment of your life.

stay creating, brookklyn


Ceremony + RECEPTION VENUE: Clyde Iron Works
Officiant: Taylor Curado (cousin of groom)
Hair stylist + MAKEUP ARTIST: Jamie Snyder
GROOMS DINNER: Duluth Grill and OMC Smokehouse
CATERING: Clyde Iron Works
Cake designer: The Exchange
Decorator: the moms :)
Florist: Flora North
Dress shop/designer: Che Bella, Kelly Faetanini
Tuxedos: Men's Wearhouse
DJ/Band/musicians: High NRG Entertainment
Jeweler: Trice Jewelers

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