caitlin + jordan | buffalo park engagement session, flagstaff az


Early mornin on  July 27th Caitlin & Jordan picked me up in their white Chrysler and we journeyed on to Northern AZ for some engagement photos in slightly better weather. I love me a road trip, and one with clients is even more fun. We chatted the whole drive up and had no shortage of stories, laughs, and music to share. By the time we arrived at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, I was completely enamored by the couple’s chemistry and couldn’t wait to capture that electricity on camera. 

Being in front of a lens can be daunting for sure, but Caitlin and Jordan had no fear. The moments of love and laughter I had the pleasure of witnessing were some of my favorite snapshots to date. And I haven’t even told you about the sunset yet. You guys. We all know how iconic Arizona sunsets are, and our sweet state sure did not disappoint. We were nearly wrapping up the session when I turned around and was stunned by the perfect sherbet sky. We quickly moved our scene around and snagged some of the most STUNNING sunset shots I have ever taken. You probably think I say that all the time – but Scouts honor my friends. A friend told me the next day that Flagstaff had some nasty fires (don’t worry they’ve since been contained) and the sky was all smokey and foggy. Seems as though our timing the day before was perfect. Before we knew it, the sun had set on our spectacular engagement session and it was time to head home. Moments with clients like Caitlin and Jordan reinvigorates the love I have for my job.

Best of luck to Caitlin and Jordan, although I doubt you’ll need it (;

stay creating, brookklyn