Brie + Tyler | Anoka, MN


They met the last year of nursing school while signing up to go on a trip to the Philippines. Tyler says it had to be pure blind luck. They had been going to the school for over 3 years and never once met before this moment. For Brie, going on this trip and not knowing anyone was completely out of her comfort zone but she decided to sign up anyway. And because she made that decision she got to know Tyler. Fate? Possibly.

What first felt like luck, soon began to feel like much more. They started picturing life together. Tyler knew he was going to propose but really wanted to do something special. While he was gone for the Army,  he had time apart from Brie to really think about how he wanted it all to happen. Tyler convinced his friend back home to tell Brie to host him a coming back party. She planned what she thought was going to be a thoughtful welcome back party to surprise Tyler, but it ended up being much more. Brie was the one in for a surprise. Tyler walked in to the party, got down on one knee, and proposed to her with all his friends and family there to witness. Brie had no idea it was coming. It was perfect. 

It's easy to be excited about Brie and Tyler after simply reading their story. As I was photographing them, I couldn't help but notice the crazy chemistry between them. In that moment I knew I was truly happy for them, because I could see how in love they were with each other. When I asked Tyler what he admires most about Brie he told me that, "She is driven, kind, smart, and looks for the best in people.”  After hearing that It was solidified for me. These two were meant for each other.