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So happy you are here. You have made it to the most important part of this website.

“The why”
behind Brookklyn Photo.

being a photographer opened the book for me to write about the moments, experiences, and influences of the present moment in a rich visual depiction. a history written through my eyes.

My history, I am a minnesota gal transplanted to vibrant arizona. You can find me being a cat mom most days and living a plant based & holistic lifestyle. I am obsessed with calming tea blends, the smell of fresh Eucalyptus, and anything lemon flavored.

I have always been a free spirit, and knew i wanted Independence in my career so at the age of 20 i created brookklyn photo.

This studio is built entirely on passion and determination. with aries being my sun sign, art, creativity, and dedication to my craft really brings out the fire in me. visual communication is my world, it is how i communicate best.

growing up, it took me a while to understand where my true purpose lead. when i discovered photography that path paved itself. documenting gave me the outlet to be heard & understood. Now i use my skill and passion for photography to write my clients history in the best way i know how.